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Welcome to Borgo Matese

Just come in and feel at home !

Our History

The idea of Borgo Matese becomes concrete in 2019, during a trip to Sweden, talking about Italy and its unique products, the inspiration comes from the story of Granny Rosina, born and raised in the Campania region, in a place known for the particular fertility of the land. Rosina's life is animated by the enthusiasm of those who love their family and their work. She selects genuine products, the result of her accuracy and her passion for agriculture and breeding.

All this makes fall in love with her native land, her granddaughter Rosita who decides to give life, together with her friend Daniela, to a modern fairy tale with a traditional flavor, with the aim of making known and promote the gastronomic reality of the Caserta area, in Campania. Here is how Borgo Matese was born, a magical project that combines tradition and innovation.

Our Mission

Borgo Matese sells in Italy and abroad the products of the Matese Regional Park, a unique place located in Campania County,. We work closely with the local producers and agri-food experts to monitor the production and select the raw materials to export. Our buyers are restaurateurs, traders and retailers who wish to offer their customers ,Italian short supply chain certified products.


It follows the seasonality of the products and the short supply chain


We use freshness-saving packaging chosen according to the kind of product


Delivery by special courier to protect food

Served on the table

The products will preserve the specific organoleptic properties
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